Purchasing used church furniture for a congregation is a money saver when building a new sanctuary, or even remodeling a current sanctuary. Furniture that has a little "wear and tear" can be just as functional and beautiful as new furniture. With a little care and new upholstery, used pews could be a great way to trim cost from building budgets.

It does not take much time to purchase used church pews, and the savings in cost will be well worth the effort. Buyers should know that buying any used furniture, is buying furniture that is not perfect. While used church pews may not be flawless, for a fraction of the cost of new furniture, they can get the job done well for years to come. Furniture committees may not find a broad choice of colors and styles with gently-used seating, but fabrics can be changed, and old furniture can be restored or altered.

Newly opened PEW WAREHOUSE, used pews for quick delivery or pick up at 105 east college st., Salemburg, NC. If we don't have what you need, we can find them for you and cut them to fit your building.

Is your church considering new pews? May we suggest gently used pews that are constructed of solide wood, not composite material.

The cost for refurbishing and recovering pews with fabric of your choice is approximately $500.00-$600.00 per pew, compared to $900.00-$1100.00 for new pews.

This is the perfect way to secure beautiful pews for your new building or your existing building at a very affordable price.

Please give us the opportunity to discuss your seating needs with you.




Set #30

20 pews to rent for outdoor weddings, the 20 pews will seat 150 people. rental is $1400.00 for all or $75.00 each for the number needed. Pickup and return at Salemburg NC 28385. 910-590-4364

Set #29

9 pews at 9 feet 6 inches long solid oak with no fabric,hard to find. $1000.00 for the entire lot.

Set #28

These pews are only 5 years old,solid oak supports 3/4 inch plywood seats and backs, new style fabric. Very good pews. $ 263.00 each.

Set #27

22 pews 10 feet 6 inches that will work great in a new church because of the condition that are in. $250.00 each.

Set #25

22 at 10 feet long solid wood covered with fabric. $3500.00 for the 22 pews.

Set #23

40 pews at 14 feet long, a light colored fabric wood back. $250.00 each

Set #22

Very old pulpit set $1500.00

Set #19 - SOLD

19 at 14 feet long, very old pine pews with cushion on seats. $125.00 each

Set #18 - SOLD

Very good pews, can be sized for any building. $225.00

Set #17 - SOLD

Very good pews, light mauve fabric, however fabric can be changed call for quote and can be sized for any building. $200.00 each.

Set #16 - SOLD

Five very clean pews, with lay in cushions. $125.00 each

Set #15 - SOLD

New pews church didn't take, big discount have 10 at 10 feet long $275.00 each

Set #14 - SOLD

Have 10 8 feet long solid pine $100.00 each

Set #13 - SOLD

These pews are $195.00 each,ends will have new white paint on them and wood parts will be cleaned and shined, have 38 at 14 feet long.

Set #12 - SOLD

5 feet long endless for $75.00 each

Set #11 -SOLD

7 piece pulpit set with new fabric on chairs, $1950.00

Set # 10 - SOLD

Very old pulpit chairs 2 sides and 1 center. $$800.00 for the set.

Set # 9 - SOLD

Two communion chairs with new fabric Two for $175.00

Set # 8 - SOLD

20 pews at 12 feet long with new fabric on seats and front of back. all wood solid pine $200.00 each.

Set # 6 - SOLD

20 pews at 12 feet 6 inches, solid oak seats and backs, seats covered in fabric $250.00 each. Fabric can be changed if church needs to,call for quote on this.


Set # 5 - SOLD

Great pews for start up church. Ends are white and will have new paint on them. $200.00 each. 22 at 12 feet long




Set #4 - SOLD

9 at 11 feet,8 at 10 feet 2 at 8 feet 1 at 7 foot $184.00 each.





Set #1

New oak pulpit,church can pick stain $750.00