We are aware of the devastations that several states endured due to three hurricanes. Our desire is to help churches restore their seating as reasonably as possible.

We can accomplish this by using existing pews that can be refurbished by adding new fabric and restoring the wood parts. In some cases pews only need a little TLC to be very serviceable for long periods of time.

Purchasing used church furniture for a congregation is a money saver when building a new sanctuary, or even remodeling a current sanctuary. Furniture that has a little "wear and tear" can be just as functional and beautiful as new furniture. With a little care and new upholstery, used pews could be a great way to trim cost from building budgets.

It does not take much time to purchase used church pews, and the savings in cost will be well worth the effort. Buyers should know that buying any used furniture, is buying furniture that is not perfect. While used church pews may not be flawless, for a fraction of the cost of new furniture, they can get the job done well for years to come. Furniture committees may not find a broad choice of colors and styles with gently-used seating, but fabrics can be changed, and old furniture can be restored or altered.

Newly opened PEW WAREHOUSE, used pews for quick delivery or pick up at 105 east college st., Salemburg, NC. If we don't have what you need, we can find them for you and cut them to fit your building.

Is your church considering new pews? May we suggest gently used pews that are constructed of solide wood, not composite material.

The cost for refurbishing and recovering pews with fabric of your choice is approximately $500.00-$600.00 per pew, compared to $900.00-$1100.00 for new pews.

This is the perfect way to secure beautiful pews for your new building or your existing building at a very affordable price.

Will remove pews from churches doing renovations that are changing seating for a reasonal fee and will buy good quality used pews.

Please give us the opportunity to discuss your seating needs with you.




Set #92

Primitive train station pews, first picture shows pew facing one way, next picture shows pews facing oppose way. Which everway train was coming from that the way the pew faced. Have two difference styles of pews,17 total pews, 8 of one and 7 of another. Pews are $1500.00 each, will sell entire lot for a discount.

Set #91

50 Pews at 12 feet long, seat and back is oak wood with light blue fabric. All parts are oak wood. $225.00 each

Set #90

53 pews at 13 feet long, $200.00 each

Set #89

Pews for sale Newport News,Va.,28 at 12 feet long. Call Pastor Richard Mims (757) 871-5135, $95.00 each.

Set #88

Very good pulpit set, pulpit, communion table and 5 chairs, $2750.00 must buy entire set,can't break up set.

Set #87

14 pews at 10 long, fabric over solid oak wood,red fabric. $215.00 each.

Set #86

Best pews ever made by old NC pew manufacturers, solid hard rock maple wood in pews. Back are white with seats and front of back stained also has loose cushion. $275.00 each.

Set #85

50 white water fall ends that can fit any building,very good blue fabric,pews are of great quality. $325.00 each, ready for pickup Jan.2018

Set #84

100 years plus home made pews $250.00 each

Set #83

58 pews in lot that can be cut to fit any building. $250.00 each

Set #82

Kitchen islands 24 inches wide and 54 inches long and 34 inches high. Made from 112 years old church pews. Many holes and dents. $599.00

Set #81

Foyer tables made from old church pews, 48 inches long, 15 inches wide and 34 inches high $275.00 each

Set #80

Nice colonial pews with dark purple FABRIC, 32 at 12 feet long. Cost is $150.00 each. Must sale asap, need room in warehouse.

Set #79

48 inch TIGER tooth CURVED CHURCH pew ,wood is 127 years old, plenty of holes,scars and dents. Have 20 in stock. $198.00 pick only Salemburg,NC

Set #78

30 10 feet,30 12 feet pews,All wood in pews solid maple,new FABRIC on seats and front of back. Pews are totally refinished. New paint on ends and all other wood parts have new finish. Pews are $350.00 each.

Set #77

51 inch long bench,15 inches deep 18 inches high for small foyer and ulitilty rooms.$150.00 each.

Set #76

Tiger tooth wood grain pulpit, 127 years old, $2500.00

Set #74

Bar stools made from 125 year old CURVED CHURCH pews, 21 inches wide,15 inches deep and 24 inches tall. You get holes,dents and wood that is 125 years old. $235.00 each

Set #70

30 pews at 11 feet solid oak with green padding  $225.00 each

Set #68

48 inch table for communion or offering $200.00 unfinished and $250 finished.

Set #67

These fully upholstered pews were new in 2003,soild oak ends with high quality fabric. Have 68 at 16 feet long,14 at 12 feet long and 8 at 10 feet long. Can sized for any church. $350.00 EACH.

Set #66

Top quality pews, lumbar back, 17 inch seat for the best seating made. Pews were made by a leading pew company. Have 19 pews at 9 feet 6 inches and 38 at 12 feet. $285.00 each, don't find this quality often.

Set #65

18 at 10 feet 9 inches and 4 at 10 feet. New burgundy fabric on seat, new paint on ends and back's are Oak wood.

Set #64

40 at 12 feet $250.00 each, very good pews plywood in seats and backs solid oak ends.

Set #63

90 12 feet pews as is $250.00 each or can refinish and add new fabric, call for quote on that process.

Set #62

Very good heavy duty endless pews 16 at 7 feet 6 inches long $50.00 each.

Set #61 - SOLD

10 pews 10 feet long, 100 dollars each.

Set #60

Very nice waterfall pews. 14 at 13 feet, 6 at 11 feet and 1 at 7 foot. Cost is 275 each fob Salemburg NC.

Set #59 - SOLD

3 very old pine pews lot of 3 $550

Set #57 - SOLD

Over 100 year old pews,solid oak 5 at 8 feet 6 at 9 feet. Needs cleaning up lot of pews $1500.00

Set #56 - SOLD

Very nice pine pews, seats and back's one wide board,hard to find this quality in old pews. Have 15 at 10 feet and 2 at 8 feet. 250 dollars each or 4000 dollars for the lot of 17.

Set #55

6 pews at 12 feet long $100.00 each.

Set #54 - SOLD

2 at 88 inches and one at 60 inches 500 dollars for the 3.

Set #53 - SOLD

6 pew 4 at 11, 1 at 10 and 1 12 feet $700.00 for the lot of pews.

Set #52

Praying rail 3 at 76 inches one at 86 inches, 100 dollars each.

Set #51 - SOLD

6 piece pulpit set,pulpit,communion table and 4 chairs. Fabric can be changed on chairs if needed. $1,500.00 for the set.

Set #50 - SOLD

Sound booth 72 inches long 26 inches wide and 41 inches tall $300.00

Set #49 - SOLD

6 at 10 foot and 2 at 6 foot, 500 dollars for the lot of pews. All wood no fabric on pews.

Set #48 - SOLD

2 pews at 10 feet for 100 dollars.

Set #47 - SOLD

Pews have had a total refinish on pews, seats are new with 3/4 inch plywood and new fabric on them. 28 pews 10 feet 6 inches and 15 at 14 feet 6 inches long. A deal at $200.00 each.

Set #46 - SOLD

Very old Gothic design pews. Pews have curve in them and are 126 long, can be cut to size for customer. $550.00 each.

Set #45 - SOLD

Three pews 6 feet long great for a small chapel $500.00 for the three

Set #44 - SOLD

Seating for office or home 30 inches long $100.00

Set #43 - SOLD

Home or office seating 48 inches long $100.00

Set #42 - SOLD

Home or office pew 30 inches long $100.00

Set #41

Colonial pulpit and 4 feet communion table $1000.00

Set #40 - SOLD

14 pews at 12 feet for $1500.00, church will pickup pews disassemble and we will put them in touch with a installer that can assemble them.

Set #39 - SOLD

Solid oak pews, 21 at 10 feet long, need a little TLC and will last forever, $280.00 each.

Set #38 - SOLD

Three 7 feet pews and two 14 feet pews,very old all wood must buy all 5 $650.00 total for lot.

Set #37 - SOLD

32 pews at 14 feet long,soils wood ends and supports,fabric in great condition,can made shorter if needed. $285.00 each

Set #36 - SOLD

24 pews at 15 feet long with water fall type ends,pews in very good condition and can be made shorter if needed. $375.00 each.

Set #35 - SOLD

11 pews at 8 feet long for out door events, $250.00 each.

Set #34 - SOLD

12 8 feet pine pews that are light in weight for our door wedding, $250.00 each.

Set #33 - SOLD

135 year old curved pews in great condition, can cut to size from 11 feet pews. Cost is $369.00 each.

Set #32 - SOLD

20 endless pews at 9 feet long, these pews are great for start up churches with small budgets, to get started, has bookracks on them also. Cost is $50.00 each fob Salemburg,NC

Set #30

Cheap Pews refinished a existing set of pews for Salisbury Zion church,Wilson,N.C. which we bought from them and new fabric was added. The results was fantastic, we were able to complete the project under budget by a large margin and very pleased with the product.

Peggy Suggs, Wilson, N.C.

Set #29 - SOLD

20 pews at 20 feet, can be cut down to fit any building, solid oak in ends,backs and fabric on seats. $250.00

Set #28 - SOLD

35 pews 12 feet long,very good condition, $250.00 each.

Set #27 - SOLD

16 at 13 feet long 2 at 4 feet for pulpit area pews are not very old,everything in very good condition. 250.00 each.

Set #26 - SOLD

18 at 12 feet,4 at 9 feet 6 inches, 2 at 7 feet 4 inches, 1 at 6 foot. Almost new pews,fabric is great condition, would work wondful in new church. 350.00 dollars each.

Set #25 - SOLD

36 pews at 12 feet solid oak under fabric pick up after 3 1 16 church will pickup pews disassemble and we will put them in touch with an installer that can assemble them.
$175.00 each

Set #24 - SOLD

Excellent pews 32 at 12 feet long fabric all way around $250.00 each. Pick up after 3 1 16

Set #23 - SOLD

22 pews 12 feet long well enough condition to go in new building 250 each

Set #22 - SOLD

28 pews at 9 feet very good condition $175.00 each

Set #21 - SOLD

Old pine pews 8 at 135 inches and 6 at 96 inches, 195.00 each

Set #20 - SOLD

Old oak pews with numbers, 6 at 78 inches long $195.00 each

Set #19 - SOLD

True hand made primitive pine tongue and grooved pews,very rare $275.00 each 11 at 12 feet and 4 at 8 feet.

Set #18 - SOLD

135 year old pews, 4 straight and 21 curved pews 10 to 12
feet long. Can be sized for buyer for $50 cost. These pews are $395.00 each.