We are aware of the devastations that several states endured due to three hurricanes. Our desire is to help churches restore their seating as reasonably as possible.

We can accomplish this by using existing pews that can be refurbished by adding new fabric and restoring the wood parts. In some cases pews only need a little TLC to be very serviceable for long periods of time.

Purchasing used church furniture for a congregation is a money saver when building a new sanctuary, or even remodeling a current sanctuary. Furniture that has a little "wear and tear" can be just as functional and beautiful as new furniture. With a little care and new upholstery, used pews could be a great way to trim cost from building budgets.

It does not take much time to purchase used church pews, and the savings in cost will be well worth the effort. Buyers should know that buying any used furniture, is buying furniture that is not perfect. While used church pews may not be flawless, for a fraction of the cost of new furniture, they can get the job done well for years to come. Furniture committees may not find a broad choice of colors and styles with gently-used seating, but fabrics can be changed, and old furniture can be restored or altered.

Newly opened PEW WAREHOUSE, used pews for quick delivery or pick up at 105 east college st., Salemburg, NC. If we don't have what you need, we can find them for you and cut them to fit your building.

Is your church considering new pews? May we suggest gently used pews that are constructed of solide wood, not composite material.

The cost for refurbishing and recovering pews with fabric of your choice is approximately $500.00-$600.00 per pew, compared to $900.00-$1100.00 for new pews.

This is the perfect way to secure beautiful pews for your new building or your existing building at a very affordable price.

Will remove pews from churches doing renovations that are changing seating for a reasonal fee and will buy good quality used pews.

Looking to buy these style of pews or old pews in general.
Text pictures and number of pews to 910-590-4364.

Court Room Seating
As material for solid wood pews continue to rise, making court room projects enormously high, some counties are turning to refinished existing pews to save cost. New wood pews cost $125-$150 per foot, while refinished existing pews cost $75-$90 per foot. Call, text or email for more information.

Please give us the opportunity to discuss your seating needs with you.



These are fabric that churches can chose to recover any pews we have for sale,pick your pew style and call or text for quote on new fabric.please note we can always resize any pews we sell to fit your church.


Set #259

3 pews at 12 feet, 8 at 11 feet Wood parts have been refurbished. $200.00 each

Set #250

Very nice winged pulpit. Approx. 47 inches wide, 51 inches tall and 23 inches deep. $500.00

Set #249

31 pews Heavy duty solid furniture grade upholstered seat and back. 26 pews at 19 feet, 2 pews at 18 feet, 1 pew at 17 feet and 2 pews at 6 feet. $275 each

Set #248

60 Pews. Pew lengths are 10 feet 1 inches and 13 feet 8 inches (Quantity and sizes will be updated ASAP). Solid oak seat and back. Upholstery can be removed and be reupholstered with a new fabric or left off as a solid seat and back Super nice pews. More pictures coming soon. Call with what lengths and how many you need.

Set #247

High back pews. Solid oak back, solid oak ends and upholstered seat 14 pews at 12 feet 1 inch, 5 pews at 16 feet 1 inch and 1 pew 4 feet long. $275.00 each

Set #246

Beautiful artisan style pews. Solid oak seat and back. Very detailed pew ends. 14 pews at 15 feet, 12 pews at 10 feet 2 inches. Comes with very nice lay in cushions that can be removed. Financing, delivery and professional installation available.

Set #245

22 pews at 9 feet long, 4 pews at 8 feet long, 4 chancel chairs. Pickup in New Bern NC. Contact Mr. Scott at 252 671-3979.

Set #244

White water fall pews with solid blue fabric, call with needs.

Set #243

60 Metal stacking church chairs available now, under seat bookrack with communion cup holder. $15.00 each An additional 20 MAY be available soon. Call for info 910 590 4364

Set #242

New Glass and glass/wood church furniture. Pulpits, lecterns, communion tables, offering boxes and wall crosses. Clear or tinted glass. All items are fully customizable. All glass or glass with wood accents. Nationwide shipping and financing available.

Set #241

16 pews at 16 feet, 2 at 12 feet and 2 at 8 feet 6 inches, has extra foam in backs and solid oak ends and supports. Call or text with sizes needed and delivery options.

Set #240 - SOLD

Very high quality pews 15 feet to 19 f lengths, pews can be cut to size needed. $280.00 each.

Set #239

Pews with cushion seats and wood backs,34 at 14 feet long, church can pickup as is and put together and install, $100.00 dollars each.

Set #238

Refinished pulpit set, two side chairs and one center chair, 4 feet communion table and pulpit, chairs have new fabric on them, $3150.00 picked at Salemburg, NC

Set #237

Very old Mahogany pews, have 14 of them, can cut to the lengths needed, $250.00 each.

Set #236

25 pews at 16 feet and 7 at 10 feet, church to pickup put together and install in church, $250.00 each.

Set #235 - SOLD

Pews that just a few years old, 39 pews, call or text with your needs and shipping options.

Set #234

Pews with solid pine wood in seats and backs, solid oak ends and supports, 72 pews 14 feet long, sold with existing fabric $100.00 pickup in Salemburg, NC, bring a truck and load your needs.

Set #233

11 pews with purple fabric that is almost new and white water fall ends, call with lengths needed, $3950.00, can provide a shipping quote also.

Set #232

3 pulpit chairs with new fabric $2350.00 for the set.

Set #231 - SOLD

45 pews at 11 feet 6 inches, 21 at 20 feet, 8 at 19 feet and 2 at 12 feet, $6450.00 can be pickup in Culpeper, Va.

Set #230 - SOLD

Very good quality white water fall pews light green fabric, have 32, call quantity needed and shipping options.

Set #229

Solid oak pews with fabric on seats , 40 at 16 feet pickup in Spartanburg, SC total for lot $4800.00

Set #227

High quality pews 13 feet 6 inches and 10 feet 6 inches approx 33 pews, $275.00 each, call with your needs.

Set #226 - SOLD

68 solid oak pews at 16 feet long, pickup in Sharon Hills,Pa. Total for set $7500.00, must be removed in 30 days.

Set #225 - SOLD

Solid oak pews 4 feet long 7 total $150 each must buy the entire lot.

Set #224 - SOLD

Solid oak pews with white ends,20 at 16 feet long, rare find with all wood, text or call with your needs and ask about delivery options.

Set #223 - SOLD

Very nice pews and fabric is in great condition, ends have new white paint and wood parts has new coat of lacquer. Call with pews needed and lengths, special type of pew with a different fabric on rear of pew. Fabric $335.00, ask about delivery options.

Set #222

3 pc. Info desk vestibule set for churches $500.00

Set #221

47 pews at 12 feet long, a light purple fabric, call with needs and shipping info. Church to pickup and put together $100.00 each, will load your truck.

Set #220

Set of very high quality with individual seating pews,call for needs and options on delivery.

Set #219

6 feet endless pews 75 dollars each and 12 feet endless pews $135.00 each

Set #218

15 pews at 10 feet 6 inches long soild oak wood, $375.00 each.

Set #217 - SOLD

Truly home made pews that someone’s grand daddy made, very very old solid pine, backs are tongue and grooved style, $400.00 each

Set #216 - SOLD

Tiger tooth grain pews 125 years old with numbered seating, 13 pews at 8 feet 8 inches long, $400.00 each

Set #215

Best quality pews ever build, heavy solid oak pews, 15 at 9 feet $350.00 each.

Set #214 - SOLD

Excellence pews with sage green fabric and 25 oak wood chairs, 34 at 14 feet,2 at 11 feet 1 at 10 feet and 2 at 5 feet,call for quote and delivery options.

Set #213 - SOLD

40 outstanding water fall pews, call with length needed $388.00 each. Ask about delivery options available which will fit budget for church. 

Set #212 - SOLD

7 pc. Pulpit set, 4 feet communion table not shown, stained like chair shown, church can pick fabric color $2500.00. 

Set #211 - SOLD

Out standing quality pews, 16 at 18 feet and 31 at 12 feet, backs have the lumbar support for comfortably, call for quote and delivery options. 

Set #210 - SOLD

37 pews in this high quality set, fabric is a upgrade in cost as well. Call for quote and delivery options. 

Set #209 - SOLD

Very good quality with 3/4 inch plywood in seats and backs, solid oak ends 14 at 12 feet. Cost is $3500.00 for the entire lot of pews

Set #208

Very thick solid oak pews with new red fabric on seats, 13 at 116 inches long, $2000.00 for the lot

Set #207

Solid oak pews with cushions 6 at 9 feet for small churches or a chapel $1100.00 for the entire set

Set #206

High quality pews just a few years old, 23 at 14 feet, call for quote and delivery options.

Set #205

Solid oak endless pews, call with required amount and ask about delivery options. cost is $225.00 each

Set #204 - SOLD

Very rare find of top quality pews, 3/4 inch thick plywood in seats and backs. New pews built today have 5/8 inch plywood, have 60 of these pews, call for quote and delivery options, we also can change fabric to a color of choice.

Set #203 - SOLD

Pews with solid pine wood in seats and backs covered in new gray fabric, wood has been totally refinished, 20 at 10 feet long, $300.00 each, ask about delivery options.

Set #202

Solid oak pews with new red fabric on seats,excellent quality pews and 30 at 21 feet or can be modified for the church,$335.00 each,ask about delivery options.

Set #201

60 2 inch thick seat cushions 76 inches long, $25.00 each they have been cleaned and in very good condition.